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We came together as a team from different walks of life to achieve a common goal. Phillip impacted people through the sport of football, Billal overcame being overweight through a change in eating, Angelo had dreams to be an actor, and Steven wanted to carry on his parent’s legacy of owning a restaurant. So we came together to create Miso, with the ultimate goal to impact people’s lives through an affordable and healthy meal prep delivery service.

Billal Khan

I was overweight my entire life. Traditional dieting habits of restricting myself and pushing myself too hard got me in and out of obesity, always leaving me at a higher body fat percentage than before. So, when I made the decision to adhere to cooking, which led to consistent meal prepping in the long run, I knew I would see improvements for the rest of my life. That is what made the biggest changes in regards to my body composition. Flexible nutrition that I can do consistently for the long run! Meal prepping was what made it simple enough for me to eat mindfully for a LONG time. Practicing this mindfulness throughout the years has given me a significant amount of knowledge, tips/tricks, and ideas to make the lifestyle change as smooth as possible in order to overcome any barriers, even for someone who feels they have tried it all.

Phillip Duong

I started playing football at a really young age and had the opportunity to play for a Division 1AA Football Program (UC Davis). I learned that nutrition played a major role in athletic performance and made you feel better about yourself. Now, I am currently a strength coach and preach to my clients the importance of a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and clean eating. Miso implements these lessons, and I am excited to share what I learned about nutrition to change people’s eating habits to create a healthier lifestyle.

Angelo Ocampo

I started my fitness journey during college at UC Merced. I was an NCAA Lacrosse Midfielder and in the best shape of my life. After college, I gained a lot of weight and weighed in at 220 lbs. My sleep apnea had gotten progressively worse due to my weight. Each night I stopped breathing and would wake up gasping for air. I knew that I needed to make a change. I began meal prepping and working out on a daily basis. Meal prepping and working out had changed my life and my sleep apnea had gotten much better.
My Parents have worked in the restaurant industry their whole lives inspiring me to passed on their tradition. Miso was a way for me to showcase my talents and make my parents proud. The importance of flavor and good nutrition was always stressed to me as a child and will be incorporated in all my meals. Every dish I pour comes with inspiration and passion!

Kevin Lozoya

Throughout my own fitness journey I have reached many goals of mine: getting a six-pack, larger muscles, and developing workout programs and nutrition programs that actually give me results. I’ve also developed my fitness education in Personal Training (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Bodybuilding Specialization (International Sports Sciences Assoc.), and Sports Nutrition (International Sports Sciences Assoc.). Now I try to further my education further everyday about fitness and nutrition and the science of bodybuilding. Not only do I constantly want to build my body, but also I am dedicated to pass my knowledge onto those who are ready to make a significant change in their health and fitness.

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